Enter the Coffeehouse Journalist

July 9, 2008

Can you picture this scene?


19, m, uk sitting at the bar in his local Starbucks scribbling  down some thoughts onto a cheap paper pad. 


Large latte, miserable weather, long day. 


Sound familiar?


Its a scene that you should see repeated up and down the country by what i like to label coffeehouse journalists – those who spend disproportionate amounts of disposable income and free time ordering latte after latte drafting out thoughts for their latest blog posting.


The thing is I really didn’t believe I was one until today… after all I had coffee with friends, for a reason, from time to time and I certainly wasn’t reading the Starbucks Gossip, and thinking to myself ‘maybe i could have a go at writing a blog of my own one of these days?’


But i guess that’s the way it’s going…I used to be just your regular coffee-loving student with a facebook account but now im getting hooked on the web 2.0 buzz and I feel the need to start a blog, get a diigo account, and start sharing, collaborating & networking whatever I get up to.


So this post isn’t really about my love for optimistically priced coffee drinks; I just needed a place to start blogging and seeing as I settled upon the idea at my local Starbucks it seems as good a starting point as any to begin on…


…or maybe I’m just craving that next caffeine buzz?






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